The Pain of Protocol on Paper: Optimizing the Effectiveness of Regulatory Training with Dot Compliance Suite

June 28, 2018

Every solution starts with a problem or a challenge.


We all have problems and challenges, even the most diligent, well-managed and productive leaders in highly regulated sectors and verticals. But particularly in today’s ever-changing and lightning-speed digital workspace, monitoring regulatory training effectiveness with old school, traditional paper-based processes is beyond a challenge; it’s becoming a thing of the past.


Compliance processes and maximal quality assurance can now be addressed faster, smarter, with exponentially increased efficiency, freeing up more time for leveraged productivity.


Why Use an Innovative QMS & Collaborative Compliance Procedure Solution?


There are endless reasons for why organizations today are adopting a digital QMS and hub for collaborative regulatory and compliance tasks and processes.


Ask yourself: are we still vexed about internal manpower’s training takeaways, and whether they’ve learned, completed, signed, internalized and are capable of applying principles of regulatory training? How can compliance managers gain easy access to insight on regulatory training completed, and then understand if it can be effectively applied by personnel in the workplace? 


Step aside paper-based training processes, and rise to the podium digital technology.


With today’s advanced quality and compliance solutions, gain measurable data, insights, & stats on progress, processes and application of regulatory processes, all streamlined into one centralized hub of collaboration. 


What’s the Problem with Monitoring Regulatory Training Effectiveness on Paper In Today’s Digital Age?


Does the word administration make you cringe? How about organizing endless documents, scanning, uploading, filing, sending, faxing, approval, and more?


Time is money, right? So why go through painstakingly taxing processes when technology’s enabled a much more viable and efficient alternative.


Again, ask yourself: can you see sleekly visualized KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or data reports that offer viable metrics on employee comprehension of regulatory training on paper? Or can you access and/or view master documents, copies and signed off training modules completed in one place and systematically on paper? How much time have you been investing on tracking down this data and then recording it?



We genuinely feel your pain and there is a solution.


What Steps Can You Take to Optimize to running your Compliance Processes Digitally? 

Gain serious vision of how effective regulatory training is for your organization.


Step 1: Learn more and continue reading, as we’re about to ensure you’ll never need to scrounge up documentation of training modules completed, or struggle to evaluate their impact on employee adherence to compliance processes and protocol. Gain a new vision of what compliant and quality mean with just one of our many modules: Training Effectiveness Management.


Step 2: Get up close and personal with Dot Compliance Suite’s Training Effectiveness features now. Optimizing regulatory processes digitally will revolutionize the notion of efficiency for highly regulated sectors.

The icing on the cake: measurable, actionable insights on training effectiveness that have recently been added to Dot Compliance Suite to ensure effective regulatory training across your organization.


Here’s how:

  • Problem 1: How does a compliance manager or respective employee overseeing regulatory training and truly identify and/or determine whether personnel have acquired the necessary competence and skills to perform optimally in the workplace? Particularly, if their performance affects quality and compliance status quo?

  • Solution 1: Tests. Yes, with Dot’s efficient and user-friendly interface, creating training effectiveness exams is simple, customizable, an ideal for identifying understanding of training and its application in the workplace. Learn more about what succeeded, why and how to optimize training to consistently generate positive results testing personnel with questions, multiple choice tests and even open ended answers to evaluate their comprehension of training.


  • Problem 2: Exams sound scary and cumbersome, and do I really have to go through the hassle of setting them up in a system? Isn’t that more time to invest?

  • Solution 2: Truth is – it’s simple, sleek and bordering on sexy. Yes, the Dot Compliance Suite electronic exams workflow is accessible in an intuitive user interface, so setup and completion of exams is as easy as few clicks. Imagine the possibilities and freedom to quickly test your organization’s knowledge levels and comprehension of training. Think of how much time, money and resources are saved with minimized quality and production concerns. With simple drag and drop functions and our out of the box wizard for easy test creation, shouldn’t accessing and analyzing the results be simple too?


  • Problem 3: Which brings us to problem 3 - how do you track metrics, insights and data on exams with ease?

  • Solution 3: In our intelligent technology’s development, we considered user needs as a priority, and access to training exam data is a wiz. Discover the trending answers of electronic training effectiveness exams. Compliance managers gain perspective on whether the issue is the training itself that needs improvement, or whether there’s a more efficient means to execute training for specific staff. Ensure you adjust training measures to optimize compliance status and quality levels.



  • Problem 4: There are always those that simply grasp and apply concepts quicker and more effectively. What’s an organizational compliance manager to do when time and money have been invested in manpower’s regulatory training and they fail electronic exams, and clearly don’t understand the protocol? Or what if they simply haven’t processed the training accurately to answer the questions of the electronic exam correctly?

  • Solution 4: Don’t fret, as their exam is quickly and automatically tagged as “failed,” so you’re notified of the concern and aware of the need to attend to it.

A quick one-on-one chat with the employee via phone or face to face can resolve this issue and address it so necessary steps are taken. But what happens if you’re in 2 branches, locations or thousands of miles away? Simple. Internal communication and collaboration is a click away, and compliance managers can ensure training effectiveness with personnel remotely, anytime, anywhere.


Essentially failed exams are marked “not effective” by default, and collaborating and communicating necessary steps to personnel is easier, faster, and more efficient in Dot Compliance Suite. Imagine the freed-up time, possibilities and the outstanding ROI the solution can offer. Every individual in an organization can focus on their crucial tasks, as technology helps leverage collaborative compliance processes, one click at a time.



Dot Compliance Suite’s innovative native app is a fully validated, cloud-based QMS, with modules, features and options that optimize training effectiveness measurement for organizations in highly regulated sectors.


Are you ready to take the next step to see your organization scale-up, grow and benefit from digital technology with every dynamic aspect of today’s regulatory demands?


Start now, and schedule a free consultation with the Dot Compliance Suite team today.

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The Pain of Protocol on Paper: Optimizing the Effectiveness of Regulatory Training with Dot Compliance Suite

June 28, 2018

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