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June 14, 2018

Our Mission, Your Takeaway: Leveraged ROI, Productivity and Procedural Efficiency with Internal Digital Transformation.


This article is designed to support and guide professionals in the life-sciences, pharma and medical devices sectors looking for solutions and viable opportunities to leverage IT and digital tools that drive organizational change, improving operational efficiency and productivity. In collaborating and working with organizations in these industries, experience has taught me that the key and crucial success factors in organizational growth, scalability, and optimal business performance are the individuals that truly take initiative and leadership roles to drive change.


These individuals and their collaborative forces truly help generate smoother, sounder, seamless and optimal operational procedures and performance, so that internal communication and external collaborating parties all benefit. Driven and tech savvy professionals who take ownership of transformational processes allow a company to position their offering with substantially higher added market value, leveraging the company’s position and presence in the industry.  As such, with every technological project I’m actively a part of, I always look for that unique group of  Digital Transformation Leaders and Evangelists. These folks are the innovators that bring their organization to increased success levels, particularly in highly regulated and compliance-heavy sectors and verticals that often need technology to optimize processes, procedures and overall productivity.


What is a Digital Transformation? What Does That Mean?


In technical, practical or measurable terms, it’s easy to define the idea of digital transformation.  Just imagine all organizational paper-based quality and compliance processes transformed and fully digitalized, streamlined and centralized in one holistic system.  Now chew on this: in June 2017, Xerox Corporation [US], (the grandfather of many descending digital transformation hardware products, technologies and solutions designed for businesses), took a leap of faith and released an article strictly focused on organizational digitization. While coining their niche market value as a digital device manufacturer for decades now, the Xerox signature product once was a standard photocopier that generated heavy amounts of paper. Today, this industry leading digital hardware developer is singing a different tune:

 “Nearly 80% of healthcare organizations are already well on their way to digitization. If you did the same, you could help set new expectations for security, compliance, care coordination, and patient outcomes […] By digitizing paper processes, manufacturers are improving information security, workflow, productivity and access to mobile printing, as well as saving up to $5,000 per month. What are you waiting for?” (The source indicates, “1,021 companies in the US, UK, Germany, and France were surveyed. [Survey conducted by Coleman Parkes and commissioned by Xerox]).


Hello world, welcome to a new age of digital technology that’s truly affecting every single sector, especially those that are vigilantly regulated and adhere to compliance protocol and procedures that were once limited to a taxing medium, paper, that’s quickly being replaced with cutting edge tech solutions.


Digital transformation of your operational processes can deliver a range of immediate and long-term benefits to your organization and everyone involved in compliance and regulatory processes:

  • Optimal Efficiency – reduce record management efforts and increase productivity with instant access to data in a centralized, collaborative and digital system. Get the best ROI for your manpower overhead and resources by eliminating and reducing time consuming processes, manual updates and tedious analysis. Let a solution do all the work for you so your manpower resources can be directed towards tasks exclusive to designated members of your team.

  •  Infuse Your Environment with Innovation: Process, Protocol & Knowledge – a thorough digital transformation provides an opportunity to look at core processes in your organization, optimize them and leverage best practices and industry knowledge. How? When re-implementing and adopting new methods for processes using digital technology, you’ll get a glimpse of existing, old protocol and procedures and realize that you’ve reached new heights in efficiency.

  • Smarter Processes For Smarter Business Operations – enable a universe of opportunities and possibilities for your business with a digital twist to procedures using state of the art technologies and a system that offers:

    • A touch of business intelligence

    • Decision support capabilities

    • Measurable performance indicators and insights

    • Metrics, data and visual representation of relevant and accurate insights in every step and stage of business  processes.

  • Expedited Processes – with digital solutions that power collaboration, organizations can truly leverage performance and work on multiple projects in parallel with full peace of mind. Our digital technology enables real-time updates, task completion, and collaboration of multiple stakeholders on a sole record or process, while administration of tasks is sped up and internal processes are optimized to enable shorter time to market.

  • Compliant & Offering Optimal Quality Management – life science organizations, take the wheel and drive your digital transformation to allow for better compliance with regulations that are constantly developing and changing, and in turn, support the continued improvement of product quality and patient safety.

What is the role of the leader and evangelist in this transformation?

  • Spreading the Message – like any change that can create a buzz and some growing pains, an organization’s digital transformation does require some investment of resources and efforts, but why not acquire and adopt a cost effective solution that can truly leverage business revenue and generates outstanding ROI? Digital Transformation can also be a leading cause for re-evaluating  needs, manpower demands and internal positions and roles, duties and responsibilities. Transformation leaders need to understand these issues and convey the appropriate messages to organization and create a shared vision and a willingness for change that considers all factors of operations fairly.

  • Creating a “Transformation Coalition” – Identify the individuals and groups that can partner to support and sponsor the change, engage them and watch a digital transformation bring your team members together.

  • Strategize and Step Up – Join forces,  build a plan, map out pain points and challenges your organization faces, prioritize target and key processes to optimize, set deadlines and timelines, identify constraints and road blocks and then estimate the impact and resources required to take your business operations to the next level.

  • Build a Business Case – ensure decision makers are on board and obtain the management buy-in necessary to move forward and start a new phase of your organization’s evolution. Get the approval of any key stakeholders for digital tech acquisitions, and allocate resources accordingly for your organization’s digital transformation program.

  • Build and Lead the team - Digital transformation demands a range of skills that are best brought together with a collaborative effort, one most easily employed with the brilliance of a multi-disciplinary team that tackles everything from business, to technology, to operations, along with clinical, quality and compliance functions.

Actively contributing to and participating as a key player in the group of digital transformation leaders and evangelists is an outstanding opportunity for you to take an active role in shaping business, personal, professional and organizational development. It is a journey that in many cases requires significant dedication, effort and attention to detail. However, the results are truly transformational and can yield outstanding business and personal outcomes in today’s competitive market. 

Dot Compliance Suite is a cloud-based solution that accelerates, simplifies and improves the efficiency of quality and compliance management for highly regulated industries. Dot Compliance suite contains a comprehensive catalog of best practice processes for various regulated industries as a starting point for easier, more cost-effective deployment. Easy-to-use customization and integration tools enable any organization to easily implement tailor-made processes. Dot Compliance is a native app – the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform for maximum performance and security.


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