HASSLE-FREE Quality Management

Our mission is to allow ANY Life Science company to digitize in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Feeling Life Sciences' pain, cost and challenges we have come to bring innovative technology that accelerates, simplifies and improves the efficiency of quality and compliance management, while making it accessible to all growth stages.


Life Science Quality Platform

Dot Complaince offers the most advanced solutions for quality, compliance and beyond.


Our core quality management software helps you to bring safer, high-quality products to market faster. Easily streamline quality, and leverage data to be proactive and make data-driven decisions.


Our Compliance management software provides visibility, and control supporting all regulations and requirements to reduce risks, costs and become "audit ready" anytime, anywhere.


Our "beyond" solutions allow you to accelerate quality into more areas and drive efficiency with a collaborative, end-to-end quality management ecosystem.


ISO 13485
ISO 9001
ISO 27001

Streamline Quality

Set key building blocks of your quality system, easily integrate and connect core quality management system processes into one quality platform. Automate, route and escalate end-to-end quality management processes, leverage data to be proactive and make data-driven decisions, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Enforce Compliance

Easily enforce compliance with regulation and laws and become "audit-ready" anytime, anywhere. Get rid of paper and manage regulatory affairs digitally for fast submission, along with our modern audit management system you can gain control and reduce risk supporting continuous auditing, offering efficiency and increased the frequency of control and assessment.

Accelerate Quality

Drive cross-organization business processes to meet regulation standards with our additional quality business processes, you can integrate supplier management, maintenance, batch records and clinical management to  be connected as part of your ecosystem, allowing you to accelerate quality efficiency in any related quality processes across your organization.

Accelerate quality efficiency
with one quality platform

Drive Efficiency with smarter quality processes

Go paperless, start focusing on quality with smarter quality processes at scale. The right automation, at the right time to the right person.

Create a quality culture

Make your organization truly quality-driven with all communications integrated on one platform. Our software creates a collaborative approach from anywhere, anytime.

Reduce costs

Save time and money of your TQM, and production costs. Plan, automate and measure to get to the right track, be in control and leave assumptions behind.

Accelerate time to value

Get to market faster, go live with all-in-one eQMS in a matter of weeks. Our 'out of the box reduce costs, allow you to get onboard faster, all validation is on us


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