Complaint Management

Manage, track, and report on complaints, corrective actions, and regulatory reporting. Ensure that the reporting complaints are systematically captured, investigated, analyzed and properly communicated to customers, authorities, suppliers and employees. 


An out of the box ready to use module, the Dot Compliance Solution includes a built-in incident and complaints management solution that tracks incoming complaints, manages assessments, determines reporting requirements, investigates and carries through any Corrective action and preventive actions required

Why Dot?

Industry best practices pre-configured workflow – reliable and compliant

Integrated processes with investigations and impact/risk assessments

Traceability to Corrective and Preventive Action Plans (CAPA)

Association to impacted batch records and related product registration.

Integrations with external CRM applications, ERP systems or websites

Tracking of communication and correspondence with regulatory agencies.

Data Trend Reports and KPIs for measurable data and indicators

User-friendly product

"  The product is user friendly. The flows in the system are the best practices that are used in the pharmaceutical industry (21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, GAMP 5). Almost no adjustments (customizations) are needed. The validation package is very thorough and comprehensive. The software is stable almost without faults."

Computerized Systems Validation in Pharmaceutical 

Bella B.

 Good value for money

"    The overall experience is good, the company uses the system as part of our routine and it has become part of our DNA. we get good support when needed, numerous aspects of the QMS are captured in one system - easiness of use - easy communication with other company employees "

Yoel B.

Avoid lengthy design and configuration processes with our core QMS processes

Dot Compliance is the leading 

ready-to-use Quality Management Software

Start streamlining complaint management in a matter of days

A simple, powerful and affordable way to manage your quality processes.