Mickey Landkof
Mickey Landkof


​QMS 2020: 
Addressing the Need for Easy to Deploy, End-to-End Solutions

If you're interested in Quality 4.0 and how the current landscape has created a pressing need for life science organizations to quickly deploy a digital QMS – you’ll want to watch this 30 minute webcast.

Hear how best-in-class life science companies can benefit from end-to-end, ready to deploy QMS Solution from day one

Mickey Landkof
VP Sales and Business Development at Dot Compliance

Mickey has over 13 years of Quality Management Systems expertise working with a wide range of  innovative technologies available for highly regulated industries

This webcast will offer a review of the obstacles most likely to hinder a quick, smooth and effective QMS implementation, and with a thorough understanding of the challenges in tow, we’ll provide a clear and actionable path towards resolution.

This is a recorded webcast that was presented at the ASQ Quality 4.0 virtual event in September 2020

Watch the recorded webcast

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